Sexual-harassment reckoning: In 2018, more backlash and pushback?

If 2017 was about sexual harassment accusations and denials, penance and penalties, then 2018 looks to be about backlash and pushback. If 2017 was about accusations and denials, penance and penalties, then 2018 could also  be about backlash and pushback. Some people, and not just the accused, are fretting about “witch hunts” and “due process” and […]

The best PCs, gadgets, and wearables of CES 2018

CES was dominated by smart assistants, but we found diamonds in the rough. The following are the gadgets, computing devices, and wearables announced or shown at CES that most impressed the Ars team. Some were selected because they promise to bring fresh ideas to users, while others were selected because they appear at first glance […]

Fraktion der Grünen: Das antiautoritäre Duo

Die Grünen haben Katrin Göring-Eckardt und Anton Hofreiter wieder zu ihren Fraktionschefs gewählt. Beide sind freundlich und kompromissbereit. Aber reicht das? Die Musik spielte anderswo, als die Grüne Bundestagsfraktion am Freitagmittag in aller Stille ihre Spitze wählte. “Kämpferisch” sei man angesichts der morgens veröffentlichten Beschlüsse der Groko-Sondierer aufgelegt, sagte Katrin Göring-Eckardt den wenigen Pressevertretern, die […]

Breakthrough in Germany coalition talks

Chancellor Merkel’s aides see progress towards a new coalition deal with the Social Democrats. German politicians have achieved a breakthrough in talks aimed at forming a new coalition government. A blueprint for formal negotiations was agreed between Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and their former coalition partners, the Social Democrats (SPD). Politicians stayed up […]

Stars ‘shocked’ at gender pay disparity in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Stars are sharing their shock at reports of a significant pay disparity between Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams for reshoots on the Ridley Scott film “All the Money in the World.” Two reports say Wahlberg was paid far more than Williams for the reshoots in which Kevin Spacey was replaced by […]